Awesome Finds & Tarot Treasures

Hey guys! I am mostly writing this blog post for selfish reasons. I need a centralized place to keep track of (I mean, share) my awesome findings on the internet so I can purchase them all later (I mean, encourage other tarot peeps to support fellow tarot creatives and artists).

The Coffee Tarot Kickstarter Campaign

Ace of Earth Font 400Coffee Tarot Back 4002 of Earth 400

First and foremost, if you haven’t heard about Team Boyer’s (Janet and Ron Boyer) Coffee Tarot Kickstarter, you have got to go check it out. (It ends in 3 days, guys, so hurry up!) It’s actual caffeine PLUS spiritual caffeine (hehe). Who doesn’t want to channel their intuition through the magic of coffee beans? Just imagine: you’re drinking a cup of coffee in the morning, waking up to the delicious aroma, doing a daily draw for the rest of the day using the Coffee Tarot. Brew-tiful! Above are two of my personal favourites so far, and they both happen to be in the Suit of Earth (Pentacles). There are more images and previews (including the lovely courts! I just love the Knights class–represented by tumblers!)

The New Arcana – An Original Tarot Card Deck made for Modern Times


This was an accidental and delightful find. The deck creator, Debbie Fong sells pins, stationary, collectible cards, vines, and comic books on her Etsy shop, POMMO Press. Everything is super adorable and not to mention that there is a Vegan Doughnut Card in this contemporary, reinterpreted major arcana! The New Arcana is majors only, but boy am I drooling with tarot lust right now.

Professional Pam’s Urban Divination Deck


I came across this deck because a good friend of mine went to the VanCaf recently (The Vancouver Comic Arts Festival) and picked up this deck from the artist herself. It is also available on her Etsy shop, Pam Wishbow. It is a 32-card oracle deck featuring monochromistic and “doodlesque” (my ability to describe art is very limiting, so check out the original listing for more pictures…!) illustrations of little things that you encounter in an urban setting, such as The Roach. The name “Professional Pam” also gives it a steampunky feel–and me like stteampunk. So me like this deck.

Food Fortunes


Alright–last but not least! If you are into the idea of divining what’s for dinner, or you just have a hard time deciding what you want to eat, here’s the perfect oracle for you. The Food Fortunes by Josh Lafayette. It’s a FULL DECK, with 78 illustrated cards of yummy food arcana and delicious court cards. In fact, I think I’m going to buy it because it looks like the price has dropped and it is really whetting my appetite! Hehe. It is available via Amazon, so purchasing is super easy! Not to mention that if you have Prime (I do–or shall I say, my brother does, and I am a tiny parasite on his account), it’s basically free 2-day shipping!

That’s it for now, folks. 

So this concludes my shopping list–I mean, my awesome finds that I wanted to share with you all for now. Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if there are other indie-published deck or other awesome finds that I need to know about!! 🙂

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