It’s here! Sign up for the Den Newsletter + receive a FREE copy of my new e-book! (limited offer)!

Everybody, please give a warm welcome to the newest Den member!ย 

My e-book, Tarot Beginnings: An Introductory Guide to the Story and Study of Tarot, is finally completed and is ready to meet the world. it’s coming your way, so greet it with a smile for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

For a limited time only, I am giving away my book for free (reg. $9.99 CAD. Note: price has been updated). If you sign up for the Den Newsletter before June 18th, you’ll receive a link to download a copy of my book. ย It’s a 116-paged e-book jampacked with tarot nerderies, exercises & activities, original spreads and more. It is both a guide for the study and exploration of tarot through a fun, creative storytelling lens.ย 


Cover Image

This e-book has taken its time readying itself for the debut. In fact, it presented itself as a one-month project, a quickie guide book that I sought to complete in a week or two before I proceeded to “pretty it up” with formatting. As I worked,ย Tarot Beginningsย smirked, patted me in the back and announced that it wasn’t a 25-pager–it was, indeed, a 116-pager. Well! I was flabbergasted, but also felt honoured that it chose me to fulfill its destiny, to give it shape and form.

On a random note, I’m sorry if you’re not used to this “my book is alive” crazy talk haha. Most writers or creatives are guilty of it. We talk about our creations as if they are our children, or an actual entity that has chosen to partake in our lives.

Other than the freebie, why sign up for the newsletter? What’s in it?ย 

The Den Newsletter is where I plan to centralize my updates across my social media platforms by theme. For example, if you follow me on Youtube as well, you’ll know that I usually would time-block the content I am creating. I pumped out a bunch of videos for “A Tarot Story” all at once, exploring the minor arcana and the cards. This is going to be a ย more consistent trend because it makes sense for me to organize things thematically. For the next few months, I plan to create more tarot study tools and study-themed content across my social media platforms, and then around October or November, I will probably be pumping out some tarot writing content, since November is National Novel Writing Month. ๐Ÿ™‚

And of course,ย exclusive offersย & content such as deals, promotions, journal prompts, tarot exercises & activities, and printables.ย Fables Den is tarot-nerd-centric: it is a den of tarot magic and tarot study, so the newsletter will reflect that and give you additional study resources or tarot stationary. Gotta make this newsletter ultra special since it goes out (probably) once or twice a month.

A bit ofย behind the scenes and metaย stuff if your’e just wondering what I’m up to in the Den corner, what projects I am working on, what I’m brewing up in my creative cauldron, what are some of the upcoming publications you can keep an eye out for, or what I’m currently mulling over when it comes to my humble place in this universe.

So yeah. Lots of good stuff and vibes are coming into Fables Den. ๐Ÿ™‚

For example, be prepared to meet new characters that dwell in the Den: the Mewnicorn, The Digital Owl, and the Woodland Fox. (You’ve probably seen the Mewnicorn already…she’s on the Fables Den logo and banner right now…hehe)

I got so many things I want to create and give to the world–so keep checking back in! ๐Ÿ™‚

*bear hugs* OOMPH!

Kimberly M. Tsan

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