A Fool’s Journey towards Productivity

Productivity. An elusive yet potent word that oppresses the collective conscious of industrialized mankind. If we’re not productive, we are lazy worthless human beings undeserving of success and love. *cue tragic orchestral music of epic proportions*

If only procrastination isn’t a thing. We’d much more productive. Really, we would. But productivity is so much more than what meets the eye. There’s a lot of subtle layers and dimensions to it. Being productive, contrary to popular belief, is so much more than just producing “products”, or having physical evidence that quantifies your work. It takes more than just a compulsory to-do list to accomplish a state of productivity.

That sounds very discouraging, doesn’t it. But fear not! Productivity is really a spectrum. It’s a journey. It’s not just an either/or situation in which you are either productive or you’re not. Being productive, like self-love, is a choice you make every day. You choose to engage in the tasks or creative projects that will make you feel productive. You get to work and you get things done. And on some days, when your emotional space is occupied by something else, you may have less inclination to make a productive choice. But that’s okay, too. We’re not robots working in a factory. We shouldn’t define ourselves or judge our worth based on our productive status or our rate of production.

But we do that all the time, don’t we? As you can see, the simple issue of “productivity” isn’t simple at all. It’s actually a very complex issue. Because feeling productive is in direct correlation to feeling empowered and confident. It’s tied to our sense of worth. It’s tied to our identity because often the things that make us feel productive are the things that we feel are worth our time-things that we feel need to be done.

For me, becoming productive means becoming better at being who you are. Being “productive” is about becoming more of yourself, accomplishing the things that you want to do and expressing yourself through your actions and the work you have chosen to be involved with.

How do you be more productive? Well. *cracks knuckles, stretches back* You’ll have to go on a journey with me to explore the ocean-depths of this topic. There are so many things we need to see and do on this grand adventure. If you’re familiar with tarot’s major arcana, you may have an idea about what I am planning to do with this series. Oh, did I mention this is a blog series?

I’m going to write a series of blog posts about productivity and how you can be productive while referencing the 22 archetypes from tarot’s major arcana and using them as a reference point to relay my ideas. While I intend to tap into the archeyptal energies of each card in the context of productivity, I haven’t exactly mapped out my ideas to the tee. As much as I have “planned” to create a blog series on productivity and archetypes, just like you, I’m going on an adventurous ride. There are key ideas I want to hit with certain archetypes for sure, but this blog series is going to be excitingly explorative. Wooooot!

But to start with, I would like to reinforce the idea that a call towards productivity is so much more than just “I want to get more work done”. It’s a call to living a richer, fuller life in which we are creatively and constantly expressing who we are through our choices. It’s a call to a better life, a better self, and a better future. If you feel like you’re not doing much or you’re falling behind, chances are you may be stuck in the stinky and dreary bog of disempowerment, sinking slowly with a quiet despair. When we’re not productive, we feel unconfident. When we feel unconfident, we don’t want to be productive. Aye, it’s a vicious cycle. What a curse to be a first worlder, right?

So let’s be productive. Let’s go on this Fool’s journey together. (And BTW, I’m not calling you a fool. The Fool is the first card in tarot’s major arcana-the first archetype I am going to invite into our conversation of productivity. He’s an awesome dude. Or she, since the Fool doesn’t really have a set gender. Archetypes generally don’t; they are embodiments of thought-patterns and energy and–)

Anyways. I am getting ahead of myself. I hope that you will enjoy this series and benefit from it. I learned so much on my personal journey of productivity and I can’t wait to share it with you. 🙂

-Kimberly, out. For now.

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