Say Hi to The Writing Cauldron

say-hi-to-thewriting-cauldronSome of you might have noticed some luggage in the various corners of Fables Den. You might have even noticed that some additional furnitures have been added, the walls have been furnished, and the whole Den has basically been renewed and upgraded.The more I write for Fables Den, the more Fables Den finds and becomes itself. I’m sure you will understand what I mean if you are a blogger, or a writer, or somebody with a consistent creative practice. The more you express yourself, the more “you” you become. And more.

Anyway. I am here to tell you that I have merged my writing blog, The Writing Cauldron, with this one. (That blog still exists: you can find its carcass here if you’re curious.) You will be able to find most of the Cauldron posts under the Creative & Storytelling tab. Some posts have decided to settle with the Productivity tab, which resonates with their nature.

This is the reason why there’s a mysterious shake-up of this blog’s space-time. Wait? This post was published when? How come I never noticed? It’s no mystery. It’s the Cauldron. The Cauldron has finally decided to come home and make magic in Fables Den. Although it’s not called the “writing cauldron” anymore (which it bitterly complained about–as no creative entity seeks to lose its identity, let along its name) but its spirit and essence will forever be a prominent resident in the Den.

Despite its bitter complaints in the beginning, however, it’s found its twin flame (creativity) and I don’t think it really cares about the formalities anymore. The most important thing is that they exist together and be known together.

So yeah! Just thought I would give you guys an update. Fables Den will continue to wear its heart on its sleeve. More so than before, in fact. Like I said before–the more you express, the more you  become. And Fables Den has always been on a journey of becoming. It’s become more than it was ever meant to be: a humble tarot blog, occasional tarot poetry, and occasional spiritual musings. But now it’s so much more. Productivity, creativity, storytelling–these are the things that I care deeply about. Ingredients, I believe, for the recipe of a fulfilling life. I hope to attract people who share my passions in these wonderful topics.

When it comes to tarot and writing–I feel like these things are primary and secondary at the same time. Tarot and writing are the channels that I choose to express my creative and to facilitate my productive & creative practice. For you, it may be different. You don’t have to be a writer or tarot reader to appreciate the spirit of this blog. Its message is fluid. It’s specific yet universal.

But yes, at the same time, tarot and writing are my passions. We have an ongoing love-affair that is unlikely to end anytime soon.

And yes, please say hi to the Writing Cauldron, guys! Feel free to look around and explore/re-explore the Den.



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