Free Poetry E-zines from Somewhere Nowhere in My Kingdom

Here’s two of my poetry e-zines from Somewhere Nowhere in My Kingdom, my strictly poetry blog.


Somewhere Nowhere in My Kingdom Vol. 1:
“I dream, therefore I become.”


Somewhere Nowhere in My Kingdom: Vol 2
“I may think love destroys me, but it is love that sets me free.”

I thought about merging that blog with this one, but it’s become its own creature and takes no heed from me. I think I will break its heart if I force it to come into the den. (My Writing Cauldron, however, is a different story. Being a cauldron of writing, it has no objections when it comes to being relocated. It is, after all, a cauldron subjected to my personal whims, mwahahahahah.)

Anyway. Somewhere Nowhere in My Kingdom. When I first started that blog, there wasn’t any intention behind it. It was me and my words. Over the years I updated when I was struck by inspiration. I wrote when I had a story to tell, a rant to release, an image to solidify, a fervent wishing to make real.Β  Slowly but surely, I found people who appreciated my words, who showed up from time to time to express their interest. Or should I say, really, that they found me?
Sometimes I would see a posted comment two years after its genesis. That poor thing! I never meant to ignore it. My poetry blog was just somewhere I passed by. A place where I frequented, a space I inhabited but never stayed. It was a secret bench next to the pine trees in the park. It was a solitary rock surrounded by flowers, tucked away by branches and mesmerizing shades.
Β .
Anyway. I thought I would share some of my (more) poems with you. I have some poems on this site, and it is likely that there will be more. As more of my creative passions and outlets intersect, you’ll be seeing more of me.

Here they are. And I apologize the pictures are kind of pixelated.

I actually created these 2 e-zines (along with editing, photography, designing etc) using Joomag’s online editor. I don’t think it is meant to accommodate the whole creative process, but oh well! I didn’t know better than. I did my best extrapolating a cover photo using the primitive technology print screen. The actual e-zines are HD, I promise.

While you’re at it, check out my Fool’s Journey e-book, too!!! I’ll give you a cookie. A digital one, that is. From Google search. I’m afraid you’ll have to collect it on your own–but the cookies are there, I promise! πŸ™‚

Anyways!! If you are still reading this long-winded introduction to the following 2 links, click the links already!!

  One thought on “Free Poetry E-zines from Somewhere Nowhere in My Kingdom

  1. Tsuki san
    February 4, 2017 at 6:08 PM

    πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing

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