XXI The World

21-The World

I choose to be one with my heart
glimpsing the entire cosmos
on gilded butterfly wings
and through smoke-rings of
fractured light I see Truth on the world’s eyelid
words that have taken an eternity
for me to utter
and I,
with a knowing that is as deep as my bones,
know that the world’s heartbeat
is the same one that beats
in my chest, next to my lungs
with my hand clasped over
like a child’s prayer

The World

You brim with the essence and wholeness of the World. You are one with it, inspired and strengthened by an authentic sense of power. Finding your place in the world means finding your place in your heart and aligning your desires with the expressions of your soul. A tiny human in a population of millions and billions, your voice seems small, lost in the collective, drowned out by the majority–but thus is the limitation of a perspective that only seeks to include the physical and linear universe. To be one with the world, to be on top of the world, means that you honour your existence with undaunted love. You give love to yourself and nurture your own galaxy, so fiercely that you know, profoundly, on a cellular level, that the world is yours, and nothing stands in your way, that the choice you make to honour and love yourself is an eternal one, and this choice never expires–this choice exists outside the realm of time and linearity, this choice is an entire universe in magnificent motion.

The World is the ultimate card of maturity and empowerment. It is about finding and realizing that the world you inhabit exists in your heart, and that whatever happens to you, this world will never cease to exist. It may shake, crumble, darken, fade, but it will always exist. This is the eternal certainty. You are bigger, brighter, better than the world before you because you already carry it inside. It is you, your creative expressions and your choices swirling upwards towards eternity. Your incredible self and your understanding of that incredible self is an entire galaxy rotating, existing, dancing, vibrating, shining.



Separation, isolation, alienation–being imprisoned by the belief that you alone face the world, that your existence is separate, a singular lonely entity tethered in its isolation and untouched by beauty and inspiration. Devoid of authentic power, devoid of hope, you exist in vacuum, a void you cannot fill with all the riches in the world. When your heart is empty, when you puncture your soul and your true creative expression ruptures as energy disintegrates in the dark negative space…you, burdened by your alienation, implode and cease to be on the land of the living. You are disconnected from your heart, and therefore disconnected from the world.

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