XX Judgement


The frost on my eyelid dissipates
with the breath of the Sun
the pristine clarity, the light
on the skin of my arm
All I know is the rhythm of my heart
matches the song of angels and god
and as the hands of time emerge
on the cosmic clock
I tread into life’s blossoms
my soul a flower, dawns


A cosmic flower blooms inside your soul. The seed has taken root long ago, with or without you knowing. In joyous trepidation and rapid succession, the seed bursts forth from its husk and sprouts, grows. It is nurtured by the lessons that you learn, warmed by your journey towards evolution, and blessed by your resilience in face of challenge. You have reached for a higher power, for the Source. The Source answers.

Judgement is Diving Timing; the vibrational alignment that accompanies the chapters of your spiritual awakening and the conscious desire to bring change into life. You are surrounded by Grace. Synchronicities and opportunities abound. A profound inner knowing anchors you and your reality, urging you to strive and evolve, to answer the callings of your Higher Self, to enter a brighter frequency with the choices that you make. You are not alone. You are a child of the divine. You have been initiated to the next chapter of your life, and you are blessed.

Shadow Aspects

When you lose yourself to Judgement’s shadows, you fictionalize every part of your life and obsess over meaning, analyzing everything that occurs in your lifetime until you are paralyzed by it. You are speaking only to hear your own voice, droning on and on with artificial sounds of sychronicity so that you do not have to live with the quiet. You play god, imposing your own sense of timing onto another, forcing them to conform to your views, distorting the nature of divinity: honour, and respect. You confuse the callings from your ego with that of your higher self’s, sinking deeper and deeper into ego’s grasp yet confined by its illusion. In truth, you are afraid. You are afraid of what real change may bring. You are afraid of transformation. So you run. You run from what is sacred, the pure transformative power that will alter the life that you have built.

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