XIX The Sun


19-The Sun
like shining golden flowers
radiance brimming over edge;
with a single word,
to what you have always been
what you are
what you will ever be

The Sun

Darkness wanes, revealing an all-encompassing openness, a universe of light unfolding. Having traversed the moon path and made contact with all your partially-birthed dreams and half-forming futures, you see yourself in a new light.Truth cracks itself open, cascading forth, a glorious solar liquid orb that shatters ghosts and illusions. You bask in the purity of its open energy, deliciously exposed, for you have nothing to hide. You are naked in Truth, your spine straight as a sword, supple as a flower. A laugh wells up your throat, and like a child, pristine and untouched, you regard the world with innocence and purity. You feel like you are seeing the world for the first time, even though you have always known the world and the world has always been there for you. Never have you been touched by inspiration and empowerment of this magnitude, and there is it–this light. It exists. And it exists in you.

The Sun rises. Here is to another day that is shining, radiant and brand new.

Shadow Aspects

Is there such a thing as too much light? Of course. Too much healing starlight, too much fantastical moonlight, and too much sunlightโ€ฆtoo much light. It makes you a bit light-headed, no? Seeing the truth for too long until you become fixated and paralyzed. Seeing the truth and only recognizing that version of the truth as the one and only truth. Creating a false reality around a one-dimensional reality that entraps you in spiritual stagnation or low-vibrational linearity. True light does not blind you, nor should it distort your vision. True light exists in your heart, and it can fade, diminish, and distort, but it will never ever truly disappear. And yes, our essence is ultimately made up of light, but more often than not, light is not manifested everywhere, and not everybody is as connected to the light source as you may be. It is important to be discerning when it comes to the spectrum of light so you will be able to see all of its colours and react accordingly.

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