XVIII The Moon

18-The Moon

would you count your teeth for me
in this gloriously blinding darkness?
are they there still, or are they sprouting feathers
manifesting limbs with protruding scales?
can you taste the sweetly corrupted dream
its miasma saturating your nostrils?
do you not know that in this place
the wind blows from all directions,
and smoke exists without a burning:
this is where the only truth is the truth that you tell
where mouths are singing songs and stories
they have never sung before

The Moon

The Moon is a gateway to the dream realm: a fantastical exploration of your personal dark fairy tale. In The Moon’s strange, mysterious and impressionistic shadowscape,nothing is for certain. Everything is blown out of proportion, discoloured by your psyche’s vivid imagination. There are no rules. Everything is possible, if you dare to dream it real. This is a journey where you explore the reality of an unreality and the unreality of a reality. Multiple realities collapse, paradigms shapeshift, and truth is not as it appears. Emotions, feelings and thoughts are amplified: your deepest desires, your most fervent hopes and your most gripping fears. They materialize. They manifest and take form. What is real? This is a question you must ask yourself. When you travel by moonlight, space-time is distorted by shadows. You enter the labyrinth that is your heart–only you can find Truth.

The Moon is a gateway that allows you to embark on a journey and examine your reality through symbolic and figurative explorations. It takes a daring soul to travel life’s path by moonlight, and oftentimes it is necessary. There are things that cannot be understood through logic and reason, things that need to be intuitively experienced and thoroughly felt. You travel in the moon’s half light, and you are vulnerable. For a brief moment, you forsake your need to be grounded in rationality and linearity. You submerge into darkness, allow the glowing creatures and spirits to touch you and change you. There is no certainty, and eventually you will know that the only thing that is certain is your unchangeable Self. That is your Truth. That is a light that will never diminish or alter. It is your personal compass. In the darkness, you connect with your own light, and as you re-emerge, you are ready to face a new day.

The Shadow

The Shadow of the Moon occurs when you mistake the lunar reality as the only reality. The moon’s shadowscape has wisdom and truths to impart, things you can only find in your wildest dreams and wildest imaginations. However, life is a congregation of multiple truths. It is complicated and multi-dimensional. Sometimes you have to look at the whole picture. Sometimes you have to look at something in its full light to know what it is you are seeing. Trapped in the lures and grotesque dreaming, trapped in the shadow of the moon, you cannot find your way out. You cannot distinguish dreams from illusions, truths from unreliable assertions. It is a play of your consciousness that you are caught in, a labyrinth of twists and turns of the eddies of your own mind. You drown, in your own vertigo.

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