XVII The Star



at night, stars abound
like shining floating rivers
streams of glowing dust pour from the centre
of the universe, the cosmic hearts of
nameless angels and winged prayers

They return from dreams
that are distant but never forgotten
forever alive
into your soul
like liquid breath
from your crown
to your toes
to earth

The Star

After the Tower’s powerful destruction brings us to the ground, we are as close to the ground as we have ever been. So ever close the ground and starlit in nakedness, we find alternative means of nourishment and turn away from the external promises of the ego. Unclothed, exposed, we learn to perceive ourselves in a new light. Our toes dig into soil, like fingers clasped, intertwining together with Mother Earth. The sound of water comforts us. We reach in, deeply, into the river of our heart-streams and open our chest so words, stories flow out like a steady, constant stream. We choose what to keep. We release our burdens and we tend our wounds. We return to our Roots, sink deeply into a moment when we have absolutely nothing–in order to learn, that we, in fact, have everything: we are what we create and we are what we choose to become. Knowing that brings us comfort, and we heal as gentle starlight caresses our skin, as hope–the desire for something new, aspirations for a brighter and lighter future–fills us, sustains us, rejuvenates our core.

Time to do some gardening. Tend our wounded spirits; the flowers in our souls, the petals that fell from the storm. We pick it up and treasure its faded beauty. We lay it down gently and bury the seed.

The Star card is about hope, nurture and healing. It is about self-care, releasing toxic energies and emotions that burden us. It is about looking at who we are as people, looking at the Self and embracing its nakedness. It is about going to a secluded space, cultivating a space for yourself to be in so that you may recover and heal. It is about recognizing the even when life is shrouded by darkness, the stars still glimmer in the night sky, lighting our hopes and guiding our paths. They are distant, but they exist. They are real. When the night is deep and the darkness is impenetrable, sometimes the only thing you can do as a traveler on the journey of life is to lay down and rest. Rest, so that tomorrow, the journey begins again.

Shadow Aspects

The shadow of The Star exists in its own light. Sparkling, shining, always pretty when you look at it from afar. Perhaps you wish it to stay that way. Perhaps the act of fervent wishing is better than facing the reality. Perhaps the cocoon of comfort is better than the perils and practical concerns of the actual journey. You weave the stars into constellation, relish in its beauty but never taking its message to heart. Instead of gaining strength from hope, you become paralyzed by it. You lose will. You lose mobility. You set aside your motivation your drive. You disconnect from reality. Those stars you look at–are they real? Or are they products of your inflated imagination? Have you been looking up at the stars for too long, and ignoring the dangers creeping and crawling towards you?

The shadow of a star is the inability to recognize that its light only adds to the light that is within yourself. The internal light must be cultivated. It must be kept lit with your own nurturing. Its sparkles should not distract you from what is truly radiant in life: the radiance within yourself.

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