Tarot of the Secret Forest: The Courts

On a totally random yet utterly related note, I just discovered Lucia Mattioli also created Fairy Lights Tarot. (Subtext: I KNEW IT. As I observed the intricate details, the way the artist reinterprets archetypes and symbolisms of tarot…let me just say I put two and two together. I went to check the box of Fairy Lights and AHA!)

In this blog post, I won’t be addressing every single court card in Secret Forest but I will introduce you to a few of my favoruite Courts (including a WTF moment I have had with Knight of Cups)

Page of Swords

Page of Swords: the witty prick who won’t hesitate to prove you wrong

Page of Swords is smart, clever–and he is honestly quite a smug. He’s not afraid to engage in mental/verbal sparring of any kind and experiment with ideas and concepts. In Secret Forest, he is depicted to be holding two different swords and two different shields. This tells me that his knowledge is both rich and eclectic. He is very creative and on point when it comes to communicating and problem solving, as well as defending his ideas and position. He is confident, comfortable in his own shoes, and likes to challenge the status quo.

Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups: his heart is what he has to offer

Initially, I really did not know what to make of this card. It doesn’t seem like the Knight of Cups is riding the fantastically floating fish; instead, it looks like he is walking down the hill no tip toes, awkwardly clenching the fish in between his legs and making his way down. In a way it is very endearing; he is not afraid to look like a fool to pursue his desires. Just when I was about to settle with this view of him, I showed this card to one of my tarot buddies, and she offered me an alternative perspective. She said that Knight of Cups seems to be desperately trying to hold onto his fish and trying not to fall. I looked at the card again: yes, it makes sense. The fish, absurd (as it is swimming in midair) and a creature of the water, most likely represents the heart and the unpredictability of its intentions. Knight of Cups always follows his heart and chases after his dreams; in this regard he can be quite self-absorbed.

Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles: she who beckons you and is ready to give

The way she sits, so poised and graceful, shows me that she is aware of my gaze, and that she welcomes anyone who is in need of warmth, comfort and nurture. Whatever you need, she is ready to provide. She will give you her help; she will listen to you, take care of you, and set you on your path. This is her greatest gift: helping you connect with your reality, giving you the sustenance that you require to continue your journey. Not only that–if you stay, she will give you a seed and teach you how to plant it so that it can grow. What she gives you is not merely aid; she invests in your future by teaching you how to get there so that you will not need her when the time comes. (She’s the practical mama!)

King of Wands

King of Wands: the centre organ of his ecosystem

He never worries about finding his place in the world: he is his entire world that he carries with him always. Even from scratch, from void, from zero, growth spurts out of him: the pure foresting, pure creation. He alone is enough to sustain an entire forest. He is a solar organism that keeps everything alive. The forest needs him to thrive…and so does his subjects. He is part of the world around him…he grows. If he walks into a new place, the environment around him creates a space for him from sheer authority, sheer life, sheer fire and will. He cannot be pinned down, always on the verge of shape-shifting into something else–but always, always his grand self.

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