A year ends only to begin…

Level Up

Hello Fables Denners! (Is that even a thing?)

Fables Den is undergoing major construction and positive changes. The blog will still be active for viewing, but expect a gradually revamped tarot story space over the next few weeks.

I believe that 2016 is going to be an absolutely magical year. I feel super pumped to finally recognize and answer my desire to fully and regularly invest in this blog. Tarot has always been a serious hobby of mine-while I pursued and studied it passionately, I have not been able to engage it in a real and practical way. Well, in the blogging department, mostly.My tarot writing projects have been quite on and off, and I am ashamed to say that a lot of the things I promised to deliver on my blog were never delivered. Having that said, I am not ashamed to say that 2016 will be different. I feel it. I feel it in my gut. And I want it.

I have so many articles and blog posts stored in my brain and I am eager to actualize them. There is a fireball of creative energy inside of my chest, waiting to exit my body. I feel my heart aligning with the cosmos. My soul is singing. My vibrations ringing high. I have sooooo many things to share, and I cannot wait to share them with all of you.

Looking back now, Fables Den had really been where my personal interests and passions intersected the most: spirituality, tarot, writing, poetic expressions…there are so many juicy things happening on this blog and it took me a long while to notice that this is a great manifestation and representation of who I am as an individual.

2016 is going to be a big year for me. I know lots of changes are upcoming because I intend to facilitate those changes. I am going to be much more conscious about my desires and where I want to take them. I want to be fully conscious of my finance (my go with the flow attitude with material stuff frees me from a lot of money-related stress, but often it doesn’t help with being on point and practical). I want to be more present in my creative ventures; I want to show up and continue to show up. Mostly, I want to be more present (than ever) in my own life and its undertakings. I want to present in the expression of my truest self.

I see a grand adventure ahead, and I am so incredibly ready.



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