August Updates! + subscribers giveaway

Level Up

Amazing things are going to happen to this blog.

(Make sure to check out the free tarot reading subscribers giveaway details at the end!)

For one, there is going to be a reiki and energy work section, because I just got attuned to reiki and I intend to blog the shit out of it.

There is also going to be a crystal section, and I hope it will continue to grow because now that I am attuned, I can feel the universal life force all around me–that includes the energy field of crystals.

Also going to include a section for soul work–right now I am calling it healing and empowerment, because I think essentially that’s what soul work is. It’s about uncovering and discovering yourself and becoming anew. Choosing to become anew. The power of Choice is the greatest and the most transformative. It’s beautiful when you choose.

Lots of new stuff coming in, lots of new energies and new changes!

Of course, I will continue to blog about tarot stuff. This blog is going to be a place of creative and spiritual explosions. If you have already noticed I am including spiritual quotes and occasional poems too. Definitely going to be writing more healing poems. I am going to repost a few poems that I have already written over at my other blog here.

Shout out to all of my followers. I have been super inconsistent with blogging lol but I really want to make it one of my priorities in my life. There are so many things I want to do and I am going to do my best to hold myself to it.

So the subscribers giveaway. Basically, if you subscribe before August 27 11:59PM, UTC-08:00, which is a week from this post, you get a free tarot reading. 😀 If you are already subscribed, get somebody to subscribe and leave a comment below with the username that you have successfully converted for me *evil laugh*.You can “redeem” up to a maximum of 2 tarot readings by getting another person to subscribe. Please send an e-mail with your WordPress username in it so I could verify. WordPress also lets me stalk all the people who have subscribed…so I think I will figure out how to contact everybody. Please make sure you look for e-mails from fablesden [at] so it doesn’t land in your junk! This is my first subscriber’s giveaway so going to wing it as I go! 🙂 

The length of the tarot reading is probably going to be a 3-card reading, which will probably be around 500 words+ depending on your question. If you are one of the first few people who subscribe, though, you are probably getting a longer reading because I will probably have more time to focus on it before things start piling up.

Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. Sending you lots of love, and gratitude. Yes, gratitude.


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