XV The Devil


He gives you a taste of Truth
strong and bitter and magnificent
like a slice of thunder
you tremble because
the devastating nakedness
that cannot be unseen
is too much to bear:
rise, rise or fall, fall into the
distorted darkness, hell-bent, wrapped
in soft promises and dreams made of
rotten silk, trapped
in a half-whispered paradise

The Devil is the Challenger. He challenges by exposing the deepest, darkest parts of the human psyche. In his hands, he holds the most powerful cosmic mirror that catches and reflects the wordless Shadow : its regrets and its failings, its nightmares and its unease. The Devil is the raw, spiritual nakedness that, for many, proves way too much to bear. He arrives, laughs, and heralds chaos and disorder–through reckless disruption and violence, he reaches in from the cracks of ego and touches the flesh of the trembling heart.

The Devil is not evil, but he is a trickster and gambler. Every time he makes his appearance, he gambles. He gambles on the fragility of the ego, the crippling fear so powerful that it is able to bury Truth beneath its heel. He gambles on the fierceness and gravity of his challenge, and waits in anticipation. The Devil’s appearance is a gamble because he represents the Choice: to choose to rise, or to fall.  And the Choice is just and fair. It is the life-changing Choice, the destined fork in the road, the moment of Truth and Change: to surrender to him, to give in to his soft promises and half-woven dreams, to exist in illusion, to refuse Truth. Or, to accept and overcome the challenge, to empower oneself instead of one’s Shadow, to descend into the Underworld so that one may rise into Purity and Light, to become better, more wholesome, more aligned with Spirit.

Shadow Aspects 

What is the shadow of a shadow? Simply put, an even bigger shadow. When the Shadow is left with nothing more to consume from its host, it seeks to expand and consume the lives of others. This is the only way to ensure its survival and existence. It is the ultimate soul shrinker and light eater. To stay alive and to stay in its power, it consumes the light of others through manipulation and violence. The Shadow, once it is externalized, unleashes harm and malice into the world. It spreads darkness to gain strength, belittling and damaging others so that it grows deeper, bigger and stronger. Alternatively, when the Shadow cannot manifest outwards, it turns inward and consumes its host instead, pushing its host onto the path of self-harm, substance abuse, and other means of self-destruction and reckless abandon.

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