XIV Temperance



this space has no end, no beginning
it hums in distilled silence, shifting
like a dream’s fragment
in the pulsing heart a mandala blooms,
opens its cosmic petals
flowers, as eternity unwraps itself
unfolds in a singular moment
there is only ebbs and currents and flow
rich like liquid stars distilled
into a boundless depth
into the currents of the soul


Temperance is flow. When one exists in temperance, the spatial and temporal gate open and tells you the profound secret of space-time. To exist in temperance is to libreate oneself from the physical dimension that enslaves the body and mind. It is the recognition that nothing is more right and nothing makes more sense than the very space that you inhabit. Every soft beat of your velvet heart synchronizes with the subtle air particles that floats and surrounds you–and each and every moment, in which you choose to take in your next breath, is a moment of forever, an ever eternal moment that is Now.

Temperance is a willingness to know and to understand, to be in touch with your own energy as well as the energy around you. It is also about Balance, a gentle accounting of chronology and physical reality. It is about admitting and surrendering your needs and desires, and conjoining with the bigger reality that plays a part to define you and shape you. Temperance has tremendous healing power, and its healing power can be unlocked when you Choose. Choose to enter the existence of Temperance. It is not a state that can be given or rendered possible by someone else. It requires the active participation and choosing to form, and it needs patient listening as well as awareness to sustain itself.

You must allow yourself to be tuned by the musical currents of the Universe. Open yourself up and willingly receive. This is an act of freedom and profound empowerment, not an act of hopeless surrender: you give the Universe permission to enter you, so that you may listen, to harmonize according to its voice, to reconcile the rigid polarities that pull us apart instead of healing us, to alchemize the chaos and paradox into something meaningful. One in Temperance is drenched in the Moment: welcome the Universe in. Accept that it is infinite and mysterious and powerful. Accept that by lowering your shields and opening your gates, you grow bigger and wiser and freer and lovelier than ever before.

Shadow Aspects 

The shadow aspects of Temperance are various manifestations of forcefulness and violence. To reject and refuse the Flow, the songs and rhythms of reality, to defy the Moment and the Balance–it is an act of self-sabotage because the self becomes isolated and disconnected from its environment and its reality. The Temperance in Shadow is riddled with misconception, misunderstandings and denial. It stubbornly insists on pulling two incongruent energies together, pushing for the wrong kind of alchemy, blocking out the healing voices and unaccepting of what needs to happen. Worrying about the future, living in the past, disjointed expectations, distorted dreams and visions. These are all manifestations of Temperance’s Shadow: it is the wrongful attempt to compel the wrong pieces of the puzzle together, creating a picture that is unnatural and unwholesome.

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