XIII Death


It is here for the harrowing
Death marches as Death marches
sheering through dreams and nightmares
trudging across ashes and cinders
from its dark throat it croaks,
I am here, and I am real
and from its throat, a thousand butterflies
burst forth and take flight


Death is Becoming.

Death has a spectrum of negative emotions and images attached to its sounds. Despite the fact that it is usually associated with loss, grief, and dwelling–since for as long as we are human we will feel the pain of loss and change. The sense of loss itself is an emptiness that punctures the Endlessness, rendering the immortal void mortal. Death, when it is felt, wields incredible destructive powers. It is a force to be reckoned with. It gathers no momentum yet cannot be stopped. It comes when it comes and there’s no reasoning with it. Maybe that’s why it is dreaded and feared, for when the song is sung and the rhythm ceases, it comes. It comes to do what needs to be done and harrow what needs to be gone.

Yes, it is true. Death is about the end. The end of a cycle, the end of a crisis, the end of a phase, the End. Death closes and concludes a fading chapter, but it does this so that the story continues and a new chapter begins. Destruction and devastation are often necessary before purification and rebirth can take place. Death is about the gravitation towards inevitability and change; it is the failing and slowing of a heart, which will be readily consumed by Death so that it undergoes transcendence, transmutation, and transformation. Death is powerful and alchemical, for Death is movement,and it carries the incredible force of Life. Just like the Wheel of Fortune, it functions according to the natural and cosmic rhythms. It is inevitable only because the Currents of the Universe cannot be stopped. It cannot be stopped because the Universe is always on the verge of becoming. We are in the constant flux of becoming something less, something more, something different–and with each becoming we die countless of deaths and live countless of lives. We become. 

Shadow Aspects

The darkness of Death happens when it refuses to honour the natural cycles and rhythm of all things. It fears its own end, not knowing that it is immortal and endless, and sees nothing beyond what seems to be a horrendous conclusion and the permanent termination of an ongoing story. Ever so conscious of its mortality, it seeks to perpetuate itself through any means necessary. It fights to stay alive, it lies and deceives, it kills and murders, anything for its own preservation and survival. The world is very black and white when one fears death; and to become trapped in the breathless space between ultimate life and ultimate death is a torturous state of existence. On the other hand, Death in Darkness speaks to a violent destructive behaviour that seeks to end things prematurely before it could ever begin or truly develop. It relishes in the devastation and the perpetual zero. Either way, Death at its worst exists in a state of limbo, unable to break free from its dark cyclical prison.

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