I’m on fire today (Well, yesterday, since I wrote the majority of this blog post yesterday)! I edited and produced three consecutive blog posts, which I am going to publish next week. I have already scheduled in the dates. I’m going to visibly put out an update because I am going to be committed and actually finish writing some of the blog posts I’ve been meaning to write, which includes:

  • Tarot review: Universal Fantasy Tarot
  • Oracle review: Enchanted Map Oracle
  • Oracle review: Wisdom from the Hidden Realms Oracle
  • Tarot review: Mystical Cats Tarot
  • Tarot goodies: Going to show off some of the new favourite decks I’ve recently purchased
  • Tarot post: Ceccoli Nicoletta Tarot
  • Universal Fantasy Tarot: thoughts and musings on the individual cards (these will mostly be refined and edited versions of the notes I already have)
  • Dreaming Way Tarot: thoughts and musings on the individual cards
  • Tarot Writing: Brainstorming for characters
  • Tarot Writing: Getting to know a character + Spread

Oh, speaking of tarot spreads! I do want to post a few spreads that I’ve crafted:

  • Tarot Spreads: Your Story Spread
  • Tarot Spreads: Your Story Spread (Mini Version)
  • Tarot Spreads: The Hunger Games Spread

This is going to require serious planning. I don’t know when I will have them ready but hopefully everything by the end of April/May! The thoughts and musings portion of the two decks are probably going to be ongoing, because I don’t think I’ll be able to finish 78 x 2 cards in two weeks, haha.

Having that said! Here are the blog posts that are guaranteed to make an appearance in the next two week:

  • Five Ways to Explore a Single Tarot Card
  • Major Arcana: Death
  • Major Arcana: Temperance

And these will be finished FOR SURE by the end of April:

  • The rest of the Major Arcana
  • The rest of the elemental associations


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