The Major Arcana Series…to be continued, again?


It has occurred to me that my Major Arcana Series is still not finished. The progress is painfully slow. One of the things I struggled with was structure and the method of presentation: I wanted to talk about a major arcana’s strengths or light aspects, and then the weaknesses/shadow aspects. I also wanted to provide a few journal prompts to create thoughtful conversation. As the series progressed, I gradually discovered a way or organizing each post that seemed to work for me, but right now, that way or organization is starting to seem quite atrocious.

I think one of the reasons is that I am really terrible at creating journal prompts. I try, but it just never seems to work out. My initial sets of journal prompts, while eloquently written (or you know, I don’t want to sound overly narcissistic or disgusting here, but at least it was satisfactory on a literary level) they aren’t really thought-provoking. They’re more like yes/no questions and traps you in a dichotomous mental dead-end. At some point I decided to reform my journal prompts and rewrote every single question into something more open-ended. But everything just seemed so redundant and lackluster. Maybe creating general journal prompts for others just isn’t my thing. On a totally random note, if you are looking for asskickling amazing prompts, check out Kelly-Ann’s blog. Her cyberspace is a goldmine of spiritual and tarot goodness.

Anyway, I digress. I REALLY WANT TO FINISH THE MAJOR ARCANA SERIES. And move on to the Minor Arcana, omg. I’ve been procrastinating for so long. The structure thing really bugs me. I kind of want to just write whatever I want, in whichever way I feel like it, but then a small (or rather gigantically oppressive) rational voice just keeps nagging me: DO IT LIKE YOU’VE ALWAYS DONE IT. FOLLOW THE STRUCTURE. DON’T BREAK THE STREAK. Omg, I think I’m going nuts. It’s hard being a perfectionist.

Okay, I hereby solemnly swear that I WILL FINISH THE MAJOR ARCANA SERIES BY THE END OF APRIL. It’s a promise. I do plan to revisit some of my old posts and revise the format a bit, though. I might just get rid of the journal questions, or the questions that I titled “Lessons from so-and-so card”. Mostly because I feel like I am doing a crappy job with those questions. I am probably going to make the whole series more free-flowing.

Anyway. That’s my babble/rant of the day.

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