So I gave tarot fortunetelling a try


So I gave tarot fortunetelling a try. Knowing already how I feel about fortunetelling, I decided to go forth and receive a glimpse of my future anyway. To be perfectly honest, I was intrigued by the idea, and several tarot readers who opened shops on Etsy all claimed to be psychic tarot practitioners. I’m an intuitive reader, so I wonder what being “psychic” really meant. Besides, I was very, very curious.

What did I learn about my future? Well, many things and nothing (laugh). I was told that I would enjoy a spontaneous romance in the next three months, but I shouldn’t look for any long-term commitments because apparently that isn’t going to happen in 2015. I was told by another psychic that I would meet someone worth waiting for by the end of 2015, someone I know would get hurt, and that by the end of this year I would find someone who is spiritually and romantically fulfilling and worth waiting for.

The readings were interesting, but I didn’t get too much out of them. I guess this just confirmed and reinforced my own feelings about using tarot cards as fortunetelling devices. After having my “fortune told”, I don’t think “knowing what my future holds” is something very productive. One, even if by some extraordinary psychic powers, the tarot reader is right about what is going to happen, what’s the point in knowing what is going to happen? It warps my expectations about my future and prevents me from living in the Now, which is the most important thing. Two, the future is always in the flux anyway, and a psychic person isn’t going to make a difference. On the contrary, my decisions do.

Of course, hearing something like “you will find a romantic partner by the end of 2015” delighted me and gave me some thrills, but really that’s just me projecting my own desires onto someone else’s words. Hearing “someone around you is going to get hurt” made me think, “Oh dear, who is it?” But what’s the point in trying to figure it out because nothing has even happened yet!!

I eventually went full circle and returned to where I started: there is really no point in having your fortune told. It can definitely be something fun and entertaining, but I wouldn’t take it too seriously just because I believe that I, my own person, is the shaper of my own destiny. I choose and create my own fortunes. That is really all I need to know about my own future.

One thought on “So I gave tarot fortunetelling a try

  1. The family member that is going to be hurt is a younger sister. They have a child who suffers an illness which is very concerning to them. perhaps measels. I sense it is one of the vaccination diseases. All is well and will resolve but your sister will still have gone through a lot of fear and anxiety. Her child is a female.

    The male at the end of the year is more of a mentor, not a romantic partner. He will lead you into a group of like-minded people and you will find love and courtship there in the spring of 2016. It is not long lasting relationship but still very passionate. You will travel in separate directions.

    Your grandmother is the one who is sending these messages. Her name is Marilyn or Marian. I sense she is from your mother’s side.

    Just set this aside and see if I am accurate. I agree with you. Make you own way and use any spirit messages as icing on the cake.

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