So the Major Arcana Series continues!

This is somewhat of a housekeeping post…before the actual series post tomorrow. 😛 So the Major Arcana Series is finally back on track. I was planning to finish by the end of December 2014, but as it turned out I got distracted by too many things and the project didn’t gain the momentum I needed to complete itself.

Anyway (1). Ever since I made myself a A5 sized midori traveler’s notebook cover, I’ve been keeping my tarot journal there. To my surprise, as much as I complained about the “speed” of that particular mode of textual production, I am actually becoming more productive as I penned in my thoughts and interpretations of the latest Major Arcana update: the Hanged Man, Death, and Temperance. You’ll be seeing The Hanged Man tomorrow, and I would type up the other two entries sometime this week. Interestingly, writing something down does make your muscles tired, but it keeps you away from the glaring laptop screen, and there’s something about writing things down on paper. Your words get ugly and crooked as the strength of your hands start to fail you, but it’s very raw and it’s very free–and it is yours. It is mine. When I write something down, it becomes “real” on a piece of paper, instead of a digital file. There is something magical about that.

Anyway (2). I have also taken the chance to update the font of my blog to Arial, aka my favourite font of all time. I will also be revisiting my old Major Arcana posts–I noticed that some of the lessons and journal questions that I have written are limited by its nature–many of them are “yes/no” questions and don’t really encourage reflection. I kept changing the titles or names I use for the “good” or “bad” side of each card–I just can’t decide which one. I started with Strengths and Weaknesses but then again, I feel like the “two sides” aren’t meant to have that kind of good/bad polarity, although most of the time one is clearly good and the other is clearly bad. I feel like they are more like the different ends and positions on a spectrum that is essentially one personality, if that makes sense. I think I am going to stick with the “light” and “darkness” aspects, even though they don’t sound as catchy.

I thought about Yin and Yang, but I am also manning (sounds like I’m running a booth or something lol) a Taoist blog. If you’re interested in Tao, you should totally check it out. It’s mostly just my musings on the Taoist classic, Tao Te Ching. Taoism actually reminds me of paganism–I always joke that it’s the Eastern version of Paganism and Wicca. It stresses cosmic connections, balance, and honouring things in their natural state. There are also charms and rituals that can be performed, as well as various Taoist entities representing different energies that you can connect with. In short, it is very cool. Speaking of which, I also started learning the I Ching, which is so much more complicated than tarot. I like the fact that it is a divinatory system that seeks to capture the transitory states of existence–it captures the moment of “change” and the types of change that it is. I’m only at the surface here–it is a very compliated system, like I said. I’m deeply fascinated by it as I contoinue to learn and journal about it.

Journal…oh yes, journal. Journaling is so important, even if it’s just brain dump. It’s your brain dump. Those stuff can be valuable. This is one of the best things about writing in the notebook because when you’re typing in a text box via WordPress or some other blogging website or social media, there’s the desire to make things presentable–because you know you’re going to have an audience after it goes public. That makes you want to compose and edit things. When it’s just your pen and paper, things pour out of you without censor and constraint.

Anyway (3). I predict I will be much more active with my blogging from now on, and I am hoping to finish my Major Arcana series in the next few weeks so I can get started with the minors. I also *NEED* to continue to work on my taort writing book, which is going to be more than just a tarot writing book–by the way. It’s going to be my tarot book, that can be used for life situations, and writing. How awesome. If only U.S. Games Systems doesn’t hold the copyright for RWS images. I really, really want to use them but bleh. I honestly don’t have the guts or the resource to deal with copyright infringement.

Anyhoo. That’s it for today. Stay tuned for more tarot goodness!

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