The Five Elements of Tarot: Air


Air is associated with the Suit of Swords in the Minor Arcana. Air is everywhere, but it cannot be seen. It is invisible, and it is abstract, yet without air, we cannot survive.

In a way, Air is like the element of Water. It takes shape according to its environment, but unlike water, it is not contained by it. Unlike water, Air is free. It has tremendous mobility; its movement is three-dimensional and unrestricted by gravity. It knows no bounds once it collects and gathers itself. It is unstoppable once it is a whirlwind. Even though it is intangible, it is sharp and solid when it slams into you with full force.

Because of this, Air is associated with the power of the mind and the quickness of words. The mind is unseen, yet it is everywhere because it is all you know. It is what makes you an individual, a person; it is what makes you exist. Without your mind, you will not be conscious. To be without air is to be in a vacuum. The element of Air embodies our thoughts, our consciousness, out mental workings, our ability to reason and our ability to express ourselves through language. Like thoughts, words remain formless but carry incredible power when delivered skillfully and with the right momentum.

Air is atmospheric. It surrounds you and shrouds you. It is your framework, your context for experiencing the environment. It affects everything within its bounds. The flow of air and currents combine, creating an intricate dance of winds. It is a complex network of interactive air molecules–communicate, relaying information, forming into bigger currents and bigger winds, bigger mental storms that take hold of us and drive us.

Lessons from the element of Air:

  • How do you rationalize?
  • What are your values when it comes to problem solving?
  • Are you a logical person? How much does logic affect you and your way of thinking?
  • Do you listen to your heart more? Or do you listen to your mind?
  • Which one is more important–emotions, or reason?
  • How do you achieve a healthy balance between your emotions and your reason?
  • What is your personal motto?
  • What is a quote that inspires you, something you can deeply relate to?
  • What is a phrase or quote that you feel like describes who you are and/or your worldview?
  • What is your philosophy towards living? To being happy? To personal success? To relationships?
  • How do you express yourself through language?
  • What is your way of communicating with others?
  • What does the word “knowledge” mean to you?
  • What do you think is the difference between knowledge and wisdom?
  • How do you define yourself? What do you think of yourself?
  • Why do you define yourself this way?
  • What are some of the “labels” that you give to yourself?
  • Why do you give yourself those labels?

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