Establishing a relationship with tarot

Developing Intuition, Tarot Study

Sure, I am blogging about each and every tarot card (muffin knows when that will be done…don’t think the muffin will know because it will be in my stomach), and there is a set of universal definitions associated with each tarot card and everything…but the whole thing is all quite arbitrary because they are my personal interpretations. Essentially everything I’ve written has been in and out of my digestive tracks. I am sorry this is blog post is getting weirder by the wordcount…

The point is, I think we all need to establish our own relationship with tarot, otherwise our interpretations will without a doubt become extremely canned. It’s kind of like knowing someone by the stereotypes versus really getting to know the person’s individual quirks as well as his/her beauty and flaws. Each of our perception will be different, you know? And that’s quite wonderful because this is what makes the experience of tarot enriching.

For example, for me, I have a slightly unusual take for the Empress. The general definition for the Empress is that she is the bountiful earth mother, and she has to do with nurture, maternal instincts, creativity, and abundance. Because I’m a poet and I like to write creatively, I connected more with the creative side of her. The Empress for me is the ultimate poetess and artist. She’s “all art”, as opposed to the Emperor, who is “all science and logic”–if you know what I mean. She sees the beauty in everything and that is why she has an infinite inner well of blessings and love because her relationship with the world is basically an eternally reciprocating cycle of love. (That is such a great sentence. I’m so proud of myself.)

Oh, and if you’re wondering where did that “request free readings” page go, I removed it because as soon as it went live….it got kind of weird and I was immensely uncomfortable with it. I think it might be because it didn’t make sense for me to offer official readings via a tarot blog with all those incomplete links…I haven’t even finished blogging about major arcana yet. It just felt like I published the page at the wrong time. If you are interested in free readings, however, you can find me on Aeclectic Tarot Forum. It’s practically my second (cyber) home.

Anyway. Back to the original topic! Connecting with your tarot cards is important because ultimately, what will carry our readings through is our intuition, and intuition is a highly personal thing that needs to be nurtured organically and with care. In a way the tarot meanings have  to be personal because how else are you going to interpret it fully?

Having that said, we should also contextualize our own interpretations and refer back to the widely accepted definitions of each card. This is mostly because I believe in collective consciousness, and these meanings exist in the ever-flowing matrix of meanings that we are all part of–and I believe that each card that shows up after we shuffle is a result of the incredible synchronicity and interconnectednss, and it is brought to us for a reason. Knowing those widely accepted definitions gives you access to that collective consciousness, and after you acknowledge the universality of tarot, you then absorb it and make it your own. It’s really a never-ending process of circular understanding, discovery, and elicitation of meaning.

I know this to be true because once, I worked with a very unique tarot deck called Dark Fairytale Tarot, which reinterpreted the Rider-Waite deck in the world of the Faery, or in the context of dark fairy tales. The Queen of Pentacles is basically a superficial, materialistic bitch   person who judges you by the weight of your purse. She showed up in a reading but the results of that reading didn’t really resonate with my querent. As it turned out, the card itself was trying to tap into the collective definition of Queen of Pentacles, since my querent happened to be a confident,  financially independent woman. That’s how I came to believe that collective consciousness does affect the outcome of your reading.

So! At this juncture, allow me attempt to wrap up this series or distracted ramblings with a unified conclusion. There are many “standards” ways of interpreting tarot and eliciting meaning available for everyone to study and look at, and many of them are effective while others may not be as effective as we would like. I stand by what I said earlier: tarot is a never-ending process of circular understanding, discovery, and elicitation of meaning. No matter how many years you’ve been doing tarot, each reading you do takes you to a different place of your journey. You’re always finding out more about yourself as well as the way you read and engage with tarot. The most important thing is to pay attention to what you are doing, know yourself, and know what’s best for you. And of course, know your cards! Know how you feel about each card and know what they mean you personally. Having that knowledge is what’s going to make your readings authentic and true. It is what makes your intuition flow.

So know yourself, and know your cards, man!

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