XI Justice


Every cog is a heartbeat
Every spin and turn an identity
We are all Cogs of the Machine
We are each other, mirrored and married
We are Grains on the Scale Cosmic
weighed against destinies and magic
bigger than the scope of our names
will ever reach


The previous card, Wheel of Fortune, is motion, and change. Before Justice, the Wheel is merely a piece of the puzzle; it is a cog in the grand cosmic machine. The machine drones on, repairing its broken parts when necessary to ensure the smooth functioning and the survival of its organic whole. Sometimes it merely requires a light touch; sometimes this requires modification and alteration; sometimes this requires total elimination. The machine does whatever that needs to be done to maintain the balance of its existence. Justice is the cosmic forces that are bigger than our lives. It is the bigger existence that envelops us, that we are all part of. It is a card that captures this truth: “We are all one.” We are all part of something bigger and we are all part of each other. We are a collective, and the collective has a different dynamic when it comes to its existence and balance.

Justice is associated with the law, morality, our own sense of right and wrong. It represents the moral codes that we all agree on as people, and it also represents what it means to be right that we agree on as a human species. Righteousness means respecting the balance. It means putting the collective before our individual needs. It means doing what’s right, but not just for ourselves, but for everybody involved.

Shadow Aspects

Inevitably, respecting the cosmic or bigger justice almost always involves sacrifice and smothering of individual identity. Do our individual lives mean nothing before the grand cosmic scheme? Justice can seem cruel; it deprives personal meaning and nullifies relationships that are supposed to be worthwhile to have. In the grander scheme of things, justice is cold and without mercy. Not everyone seeks or desires to belong to that ultimate narrative. Yet, are we selfish for denying the need for the collective good? Are we “bad” for wanting to make something of ourselves, to listen to what we want for ourselves? The biggest weakness that Justice has is that it comes down to an ideal; it can only exist on the assumption that everyone is good and unselfish, when the truth about humanity is that it is a constant struggle for meaning. It is the single greatest flaw of mankind and its greatest poetics.

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