X Wheel of Fortune

10-Wheel of Fortune

Life, is change.
The Wheel of Fortune has
its own truths, its own rules to abide
It blesses or tramples
a singular existence defined by motion
A timeless returning with pupilless eyes
that knows nothing,
no end
and no beginning

 Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune represents eternal motion, and motion is accompanied by change. Change is inevitable, because the wheel is constantly moving and stops for no one. Change is also neutral; it is the alteration of a previous state, and it is known to be positive or negative only when it is perceived. It is the bigger reality that contains and negates all of us, that knows no individual except for its own momentum. Being a wheel, its circular nature is to go through an infinite process of moving and returning. Its ultimate destination is nowhere but its own existence in and of itself. Its ultimate truth is that nothing stays the same; things that slip away eventually return in different shapes and forms. Therefore everything is the same, because everything is change.

The Wheel of Fortune’s primary lesson is to let go. Because change is constant, it cannot be avoided. Change just comes, and we must learn to accept it, to make peace with it, and release the need for control. Everything is transitory. Like the wheel, what goes up will eventually come down and what’s at the bottom will eventually rise. Because of its circular path, the Wheel also embodies the message of Timing and Fate. Things will happen on their own accord and on their own time, and there is little we can do except to receive it and make the best of it.

Shadow Aspects

Surrender is different from acceptance. When you surrender to change in a negative way, you surrender your autonomy and authority over your life–a passive existence that retreats into its shell and refuses to participate in the flow of the universe. Furthermore, Resistance is different from autonomy. The need for control never succeeds in stopping the wheel from moving; it only creates a disruption in your inner flow. It is harmful as much as it is unproductive.

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