IX The Hermit


Β He turns, and cocoons himself in silence
Searching for the Star from Within
He carries each piece of wisdom he finds
Feeds his lantern, gives as much as
the radiant Sun gives to this beautiful Earth
And though the night simmers black
His heart burns bright
And though he does not speak
A song bursts free
From each word unuttered

The Hermit

The Hermit retreats from society and immerses himself in deep contemplation. It is a necessary period of listening that he must undergo to find wisdom and grow. He embarks on a spiritual journey, away from the limbed physical realm and away from the universal clamour, and quests for truths that can only be born from silence. The Hermit’s journey is never about the destination, nor is it about what he is able to find. The Hermit’s journey is the searching and finding itself. It is the searching that transcends him, and it is the searching that will grant him wisdom.

The Hermit can represent the beginning of a spiritual journey, and often involves solitude and an elevated perspective. To see things clearly and to see the full scope of things, you need to be on higher grounds. You need to pause and absorb the moment, and relish at how far you have come. You need to be in that space in order to self-reflect, and know yourself on a deeper level. Because of this, the Hermit is the deliberate removing of oneself from society, a kind of decontextualization where one knows oneself through individuation and self-knowledge.

Shadow Aspects

When you are a Hermit for too long, you ultimately fail to establish a relationship and interact with the world around you. The Hermit decontextualizes and removes himself from the world to find truth, but truth does not only come from introspection–it also comes from experience. An excess of solitude becomes isolation, and isolation can be unhealthy when taken to the extreme. The Hermit at his weakest refuses to acknowledge the world around him and lives in his own head. He avoids contact and does not find value in them, and has trouble seeing himself outside of his own mental cage and imaginings.

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