VII The Chariot


the reigns, forged with pure will,
gripped hands muscled and firm
the thunderous hooves gallop forth
chasing the Brightest Star on the horizon
eyes ablaze, heart aflame, momentum
bursting through trials of fire and stone
the rider stops at nothing, stops for nothing,
like an absolution

The Chariot

The Chariot embodies the fierce momentum forward, harnessed through diligence, resilience, focus, and hard work. Once all energies are aligned, it becomes an unstoppable force. It charges forward with the absolute sense of confidence and triumph, with impeccable exertion of control and steadfast self-assertion. The Chariot is the eager start of a quest, the active, physical pursuit of a desire, the overcoming of obstacles, and the unwavering spirit of conquest. It is the creator of its own destiny, ready to fill its book with glorious details of its undertaking. Undaunted, unafraid, it draws strength and courage from its solid sense of self, and advances with an unquestionable certainty that grounds all its ventures.

The Chariot is a card about knowing who you are and what you want, prioritizing your goals and actively pursuing them. It takes both discipline and focus to reign over the two powerful stallions so that the chariot does not stray from its designated course–and it takes just as much restraint and control to steer clear of the potential obstacles and troublesome terrain. Success and triumph don’t just come to those who call. They are their own creatures, and will only come to you after your strength and dedication have been testified and proven worthy. Only then are your able to bask in the glory of your efforts.

Shadow Aspects

The Chariot’s biggest weakness is blindness: charging without looking, questing without a destination, and solving problems with witless brute force. Any attempt to exert control without clarity of goal or direction is a display of recklessness or violence. Not only is this unproductive, it is dangerous to execute such untamed power for one runs the risk of exhaustion and self-injury. Devoid of focus, control, and measurement–the Chariot tramples everything in its path without the slightest consideration towards consequence. Alternatively, its other weakness is sloth and inaction: wishing to taste the fruitions of a dream while refusing to put in the necessary effort to generate momentum. Also, the inability to generate focus and lack of direction.

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