VI The Lovers


the heart wakens, ripens, opens itself to the calling
the polarities emerge, singular realities searching
and defining their own light—recognizing, realizing
that their desperate attempt to be
more than they ever were
can only be dreamed together
and that the gravity of this transcendence
can only begin in the presence
of each other

The Lovers

The Lovers represents the alchemical pull that draws two singular, individual forces towards each other. It is the external search and quest for the Self in which one seeks to realize and actualize self through the body of another. It is a conscious joining through reciprocal attention and love that produces an exalted sense of awareness. It is a voluntary, exploratory union facilitated by something profound, something incredibly enigmatic yet organic and natural–that elevates both respective parties, augmenting them and allowing them to become more. Together, they become something bigger, grander, and better, while retaining the parts of themselves that define them as separate existences. They do not blend into each other and disappear. No, it is not a process of cancelling and absorption. Indeed, from their dualistic bond they are able to merge in their understanding of oneness and wholesomeness and become a third force.

The Lovers essentializes self-exploration, self-realization and self-growth through, but not limited to, social interactions and interpersonal relationships. It represents the expansion of self-awareness through the loving awareness of another–therefore, its implication is not necessarily comparative, nor is it entirely complimentary. The two forces or people that are joined do not come together in order to contrast each other by relative existence. They come together to mutually realize that their inherent selves are part of each other on a superlative level, and their union serves as the ultimate and truest expression of self.

Shadow Aspects

When the joining occurs out of egotistical motivations or violent tendencies instead of mutual recognition and growth, the union becomes twisted and abandons the alchemical elevation promised by the card Lovers. Anything that disrupts the electric current that circulates freely between the two forces or the two selves, be it coercion, unhealthy dependence, or selfish motivations, compromises the purity of mutual self-expression. It is a harmful isolation and self-alienation disguised cunningly in the bodies of two, serving as a double-edged sword that cuts both directions. The nature of this relationship lacks integrity, respect and individuality. It is diminutive and often exploitative–not constructive and liberating.

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