III The Empress


abandon order and regulation
celebrate Life and its radiance
its boundless creations, its intricate passions—
become Full through loving, nurture, and care
become a mother, become a bird
soar through the skies and taste
spectrum of colours on the tip of your tongue
seize joy, seize wonder, seize the day
and bask in the glorious light
of freedom

The Empress 

The Empress is the Earth Mother, the Feminine aspects, an artist and a creator. Unlike the Emperor, who values organization, rationality and order, Empress lives by the phrase: carpi diem. She expresses herself freely, weaving day-to-day experiences into an exquisite tapestry of art. Nothing is ever mundane, and nothing is ever ordinary. In the eyes of the Empress, everything is beautiful because she sees beauty in every kind of existence. She perceives and loves in totality and entirety, as she finds perfection within imperfections; strength and solidarity in weakness and flaws. Because of this all-encompassing love she holds for all things in the universe, she is nurturing, caring, and maternal towards all that she comes across. If the Emperor is science, then the Empress is poetry. She exists in poetic terms, unregulated, unspecified and undefined—yet consistent in the truths and joy she expresses. She is the manifestation of our creative selves, and the endless potential and abundance within every moment in our lives.

The Empress is a card pertaining to love, nurture, as well as our creative self-expression. She embodies an inherent gratitude that allows her to appreciate the things around her and treat all things with openness and tender affection. In addition, because she is the Empress and not the Emperor, she approaches things with kindness and gentility. This does not mean she lacks straightforwardness and confidence, however. She is simply more diplomatic, more social, and able to ripple and bend while upholding what she stands for and what she holds true for herself as well as others.

Shadow Aspects

At her worse, Empress represents the numbing and dulling of the sensory experience—a mechanistic way of life that leaves no room for beauty and appreciation. It is going through the motions, living life on auto-pilot, and abandoning our individuality and therefore our dreams. This self-disconnection, sooner or later results in pessimism, and ingratitude, and depersonalization. Empress can also represent selfishness, self-victimization and self-pity. When you fail to witness and appreciate the beauty around you, it is unlikely you will appreciate yourself. The negative energy being projected outwards—discolouring and distorting the reality—merely reflects the innermost self-negation that is, in and of itself, anti-life and anti-abundance.

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