II The High Priestess

02-High Priestess

the steady currents, the meandering paths
an inrush of perceptive genius
a gentle swelling towards the subconsciousness;
know this:
to know is to look within
to tread the spiraling roads of mysteries and dreams
to know is to sing
to utter profundity in a single whisper

The High Priestess

The High Priestess is the knower of mysteries, the whisperer of the divine, and the journey inward towards profundity. Her way of knowing is not through active pursuits and rational thinking. Instead, she apprehends the cosmos through silence. She does not speak, but in her silence, she is complete in her intuition and understanding. She is the slow-turning of the axis of earth, the subtle greening of leaves during spring, the stillness in between each and every heartbeat–she is the natural emergence of reality and wholeness. She represents the golden spiral that is eternally returning and eternally ascending—as deeper insight emerges each time one returns to the source, a place that is ever the same but different. Her existence is beyond rationality and language. She cannot be grasped in the palm of your hand, nor can she be analyzed with logic. She can only be felt and experienced.

The High Priestess represents intuition, subconscious, patience, and inner knowing. She represents knowledge and understanding gained through experience, self-reflection, and emotional comprehension. Because she does not speak with words, she communicates with impressions, feelings, symbols, metaphors, and questions. She is the epiphany, the shift of perception and attitude that is able to redefine you as a person.

Shadow Aspects

The High Priestess represents a one-sided juggernaut mentality that consumes the physical reality through fervent conscious, mental quests. It points to the unhealthy obsessive attitude that seeks to organize, analyze and put everything in boxes while failing to balance these logical pursuits of the mind with proper address to the internal, intuitive and emotional realm. Sometimes only listening to your mind can be a dangerous thing–that is why the High Priestess reminds us to remain open and accepting, and to address all aspects of our being. It also embodies an attitude of impatience, denial, and refusal to make the necessary inner journey in order to gain the needed insight, heal, or become whole.

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