I The Magician


it is the first heartbeat
the first rippling of intention
and the grand opening of the eyes:
heed my voice and my words
I am the master of my elements
I am the dreamer of this world supreme
I am the shaper of reality

The Magician

The Magician is the physical manifestation of potentiality. A master of his elements, he knows perfectly well how to utilize and maximize the resources available to him to realize his dreams and intentions. Like the Fool, the world is his oyster, in a much more concrete and solidifying way. True to his title, he is incredibly creative and innovative, and never hesitates to direct his intelligence and elemental mastery towards his endeavours. He is the purity of will in physical, tangible form.  When he focuses his energy and power to create the reality that he desire, he is unstoppable, for he is the grand beginning in the realm of space-time, the divine spark, the initiator of cosmic momentum.

The Magician represents expertise, refined skills, and incomparable confidence. It is a card that embodies the incredible materialization of one’s goals, plans, and visions when pursued daringly.

Shadow Aspects

At his worse, the Magician becomes an uncontrolled and tyrannical force that tramples everything in his path. He achieves his goals through excess, manipulation, cunning, and a total abuse of his genius. The worst part is he basks in the illusion of his greatness and fails to realize the despotic and egotistic nature of his actions. While there is no question regarding his brilliance, there is no question regarding to the destruction he can bring or is willing to bring in order to serve his own purpose.

Alternatively, Magician represents a lack of resource or a lack of means to manifest one’s will and intentions. The energy is blocked, the creative juices won’t flow, and the magic won’t work. Essentially, it represents the inability to mobilize, and the failure to be aware of the possible opportunities in the surrounding environment.

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