0 The Fool

0-The Fool

soft as a whisper and powerful as a heartbeat
the Fool emerges from the cosmic egg
naked in this majestic beginning;
with each breath he is reborn
and with each breath he dies anew
for each step that he takes
is a step of infinity and wonder
for each step that he takes
is an everlasting explosion of potentiality

The Fool

The Fool is the cosmic zero, the blank page, the eternal that seeks to be born and reborn. He symbolizes the beginning of an adventure, and embodies the same adventurous attitude that allows him to perceives the world this way. The world is his oyster, for the Fool is fearless, open, and all-embracing. He is also timeless, because he resists a linear existence and refuses to become demarcated by progress. The Fool does not belong to the past, nor does he belong to the future. Because the Fool does not belong to the past, the feelings of regret and depression are unknown to him. Because he does not belong to the future, either, he is not plagued by worries or anxiety. The Fool belongs to the Now that unfolds itself eternally and renews itself everlastingly, for each moment is a new one, and each moment is a delightful adventure.

This is what the Fool card represents: an undaunted openness that embraces all things as they are, and whatever happens, happens. It is about discovery, optimism, and living each moment to the fullest while being unafraid of life.

Shadow Aspects

When the Fool is in touch with its shadow aspects, it becomes the cosmic egg that refuses to hatch itself. He remains stubbornly in his shell, ignoring the tiny fissures and cracks that signal him to emerge from his egg and embrace the limitless potential that awaits him. The Reversed Fool exists in denial, and clings onto and squanders the Now recklessly without any regard towards his thoughts, actions, or consequences. Unlike the Upright Fool who is eternal and open, the Reversed Fool is temporal and closed off. He rejects and fears change, or he does not know where to begin. In truth, he is stuck, and he may not be willing to acknowledge it. He simply doesn’t care, and sometimes he doesn’t want to care.

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