The kind of tarot reader I am


How you read takes time to define. If I were to distill my worldview into one sentence, I would say that I read tarot cards spiritually and use it for very spiritual purposes. Tarot, to me, is a very constructive, comprehensive and intuitive tool which I mostly use for self-reflection and self-betterment. It is an interactive process in which I engage with the symbolic images and meanings of the cards, and I apply the interpretations to my own life in order to gain better insight and understanding. I love the process of interpretation; I am a poet and reading tarot cards, in many ways, is just like reading poetry.

I don’t believe in the fortune-telling aspects of tarot, although I do believe that tarot cards have many things to offer and cautionary advice is certainly one of them. I do not use tarot cards to predict the future, nor do I attempt to peer into the lives of others. I believe in the Now and foretelling the future seems counterproductive. I am not a psychic; I don’t believe I possess any psychic abilities. That’s one reason I don’t read for anything that is predictive in nature. The other reason is that, like I mentioned before, it’s not very productive or constructive. Even if I can predict the future with accuracy, it doesn’t make sense to me to configure my life based on a mere potentiality. The future is not written in stone; it is ever-changing based on the decisions we make and the attitudes we have right now. I believe in actively shaping and creating our futures rather than passively waiting for a possible version of the future to occur. (However, I do believe that tarot cards can reveal future “directions”, which often contain cautionary elements or encouragements that beckon us to consider the potential outcomes and consequences of our actions. Future directions, of course, are subject to change depending on what we do.)

Tarot cards don’t necessarily just “give” us the answers that we seek. They help us find the answers that are already within us. When I read for myself or for others, I am very person-centred. I examine motivations, attitudes, hopes and fears, strengths and weaknesses, thought patterns and things that are more “internal” in nature. These are the things that drive your actions and propel you to make the decisions that you make, which in turn affects the reality that you inhabit. It is also through self-examination and self-reflection that one can ultimately move forward. Let me give you an example. Instead of asking, “Why did he abandon me? Did he think of me in equal terms? Was there a third person that stole him from me?” We should be asking, “Why does his abandonment affect me so deeply? Why do I perceive it as an abandonment–are there any factors that influence my current emotions and feelings? How should I move forward in order to heal? etc.” The truth is, there are many things in life that we cannot control (one of the prominent lessons of Wheel of Fortune card!) and “people” is one of those things that we most definitely cannot (and should not) control. Dwelling on anything other than yourself will either victimize you or aggravate you. It is much more empowering if you focus inward and concentrate on how to make positive changes to move forward–this is also one of the most ubiquitous lessons of spirituality: you must relinquish control or the sense of control.

Before I close, I want to address why I feel uncomfortable reading for a third party that is not present from the reading (or someone who is not the querent themselves). Personally I feel it is unethical and presumptuous of me to speculate the feelings and stances of another. Who am I to make those assumptions? Even if I am right, I don’t feel like it’s right to advice somebody based on knowledge acquired without the third party’s consent–for the reasons already mentioned, and for the fact that it doesn’t promote healthy communication between your querent and the other person involved.

Anyway. I think I’ve hit all the points that address what kind of tarot reader I am. Stay tuned for more tarot-nerdy stuff. 🙂

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