Writer’s Block? 5 Ways to Rekindle Your Creativity

1. Setting. 

Know yourself. What is your creative setting? Surround yourself with things and objects that inspire you. Situate yourself at a place where you exert most creativity. Adjust your environment so that you are comfortable and at ease. Maybe a dream-catcher helps you connect with your imagination and gives you a sense of magical realism. Maybe the scent of lavender starts the creative engines in your brain. Whatever it is, be, or create, an environment that will allow you to be at your creative best.

2. Pray to your Muse. 

Whether you believe in a creative deity or not, praying helps your mind focus. Pray that you’ll be at your best. Pray that you’ll be creative, and that your writing will have that flash of genius you know you will deliver. Pray with confidence. Know that you can accomplish what you have set out to do. Mentally prepping yourself up not only gives you concentration, it gives you a strong sense of determination and positive energy. This is a great way to start any writing activity.

3. Read. 

Writers are also readers, and we are, to whatever extent, unconsciously affected by what we read. The words we feed ourselves will come out from the words we write. We digest what we “eat” and we distribute it within our writer’s being. We receive information and we make it part of our system. If you’re one of those people who soak up your readings like a sponge, choosing and reading appropriate materials can really help you frame and direct the flow of your mind.

4. Relax. 

When we’re stressed, annoyed or anxious about something, there is no way we can create something decent out of that fidgety state. Knowing and understanding yourself is very important. What do you do to feel relaxed and at ease? Meditate, listen to music, hang out with friends, or exercise–take a deep breath and just sit back. Find out what’s bugging you, what’s pressuring you. Maybe you need to sort out those things first. Write when you feel ready.

5. Be patient.

Let’s face it–there are moments when it seems like the entire universe is against our creative gears. Sometimes the right words simply refuse to come, and that’s okay. The more frustrated you are with yourself, the less likely you’ll produce something good. Sometimes we just need to take a break and do something else before we start again. There are up’s and there are down’s. We can get stuck for a long time, but nobody is stuck forever.

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