Free writing software: yWriter5

yWriter5 is an amazing and simple writing software that helps you keep everything organized and together. It allows you to create notes for all aspects of your novel such as characters, scenes, locations and items. It’s like an ultra-notebook (on your computer) that is super helpful in terms of world-building and novel crafting. Best of all–it’s free. (Download link is at the bottom of this post–or click here.)

So yup, yWriter5 is one of my favourite writing softwares (well actually um…it’s the only one I’ve ever used, but I LIKE IT, A LOT) and it’s not only because it’s free.

Did I say free?

Here are some of the reasons I like this software. I’ll keep it short and sweet: 

  • projects: allows you to create projects (novels) and keeps everything together
  • typing interface: supports basic document interface (I’m not really good with technical terms–hooray technical douchebaggery! –but supports a text/typing space that’s a fancier version of Notepad)
  • novel planning and world building: allows you to create and insert chapters, scenes, characters, locations and items–really handy when you’re just developing your ideas! It really helps put everything together.
  • character profiles: allows you to create character profiles (biographies, personalities, history, photograph, etc)
  • timeline function: allows you to organize your plot and sequence of your events by arranging everything into a timeline
  • wordcount: umm…counts your words?
  • writing worksheet function–allows you set a goal for your daily wordcount and how many words per hour
  • adjustable font size: allows you to change/adjust the font size of the interface–so if you’re visually challenged like me, you can make everything bigger just to show how blind you are! 😀
  • just kidding–but seriously though, it’s so nice when you don’t have to stare at everything in 8-point font
  • and yeah…it’s not a very complicated software and you can practically do your whole novel planning and writing here

Here are some screenshots:

In short, IT’S AWESOME.

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